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Ensuring Newborn Joy under Expert Guidance
Home Phototherapy

Neonatal care at your Doorstep

From a IIT Hyderabad startup

Jaundice Meter

Personalized Care

Tailored treatment plans for each newborn's needs.

Continuous Monitoring

Round-the-clock surveillance by healthcare professionals.

Comfortable Environment

Home-based therapy promoting well-being.

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Heamac Rental

nLitePad/ AST100

Single surface

  • Minimum 3 days
  • With power backup battery upto 8 hours on full charge
  • Irradiance 35-50μW/cm2/nm
  • Single Surface Phototherapy installation

₹4300 /Per Day

Double/Triple Surface

  • Minimum 3 days
  • Irradiance 35-50μW/cm2/nm
  • Triple surface/High Intensity mode 60-70μW/cm2/nm

₹5600 /Per Day


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