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Neonatal Jaundice

Globally, health care providers worldwide recognize that severe neonatal jaundice is a “silent” cause of significant neonatal morbidity and mortality.


Over 60% of all newborns develop neonatal jaundice


Around 15% to 45% of newborns develop severe neonatal jaundice in developing countries


Around 10% of newborns die due to neonatal jaundice all over the world


Almost 20% of the jaundice babies in india alone ,die due to severe neonatal jaundice

Current  Treatment Challenges


Existing treatments result in a prolonged 2-3 week delay, impacting timely care for infants.


Blood transfusion and current indigenous methods fall short in effectively addressing severe jaundice cases.


Immediate separation after birth causes anxiety and disrupts the crucial initial bond between newborns and mothers.


Treatment efficiency is hindered by factors such as suboptimal irradiance, inadequate body surface exposure, and insufficient breastfeeding.

Our Solutions

Introducing A smart Design approached technology

A Revolutionary Phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice management.

Safe Solution

Safe Solution for Makeshift Challenges

Customized dose of Therapy

Works on Bilirubin feedback-based Algorithm for Delivering Customized dose of Therapy

Smart Therapy

Intelligent Phototherapy System for Treating Severe Jaundice conditions

KMC & BreastFeeding

Patented Innovation Affordable and Portable

Reduces Blood Transfusion cases

Reduces Blood Transfusion cases *

360° Treatment


Supported  By

Our  Clients

Mother’ Testimonials

I had to visit my baby daily in multiple intervals, It was difficult for me post C-Section and my baby's condition troubles me a lot, this device helps me to have my baby with me on the bed and it does not need to share the bed with other babies and be safe from infections.

Mother’ Testimonials

Me and my parents had to undergo lot of stress seeing my baby in ICU. This is light weight and easy to carry. I can feed my baby and provide warmth its much better to have my baby beside me.

Clients’ Testimonials

The feedback system provides optimum amount of irradiance, and the portable version provides treatment at mothers ward itself.

Dr. Swapna, Neonatologist, Neloupher Maternal and Children Govt. Hospital.

Clients’ Testimonials

The device is having triple surface Phototherapy, so there is less heating and dehydration of the baby and since it can also be titrated the level of irradiance the jaundice will reduce faster and also avoid blood transfusions.

Dr. Alimelu, HOD, Neonatology Dept. Neloupher Maternal and Children Govt. Hospital, Prof. Neonatology Osmania Medical College.

Clients’ Testimonials

As the product supports both standalone and portable versions, we can use it for both critical cases in NICU and treat the baby at home with mild jaundice

Dr. Suresh Peidtaician, DCH, MBBS, Neloupher Maternal and Children Hospital

Clients’ Testimonials

As the product supports both standalone and portable versions, we can use it for both critical cases in NICU and treat the baby at home with mild jaundice

Dr. Bezawada Prasanth Babu Pediatrition , DCH,MBBS Kamineni hospitals, Hyderabad.

Clients’ Testimonials

I recommend HEAMAC Phototherapy as it gives continuous therapy, and it adjusts the intensity to avoid over or under treatment.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Neonatologist, Vellamal Hospital, Madurai.

Clients’ Testimonials

The intelligent feedback module help to treat the baby in remote area even with low skilled staff.

Dr.Srinivas Murki (Paediatrician) Fernandez Children Hospital, Hyderabad.